High Standards For Pet Care At Our West Knoxville Veterinary Clinic

Cedar Bluff Animal Clinic has been in its current location for about 35 years. In that time, we’ve certainly seen plenty of changes. Our practice has grown from keeping appointments in spiral notebooks to interacting with our clients via social networks. But through a continuity of high-quality care for Knoxville dogs and cats, we have kept true to our mission:

Our pet care team at Cedar Bluff Animal Clinic strives to consistently deliver the highest quality veterinary care specific to the needs of our patients and clients in a compassionate and informed way. We are committed to constantly pursuing innovative ways to improve the quality of our products and services in order that pets may live long, healthy lives.

The compassionate veterinarians and support people on our staff are always ready to provide you with reliable information and tips that can help you with responsible pet ownership. We care for every pet so much, it’s as if he or she were ours. Our staff enjoys working together to give you and your pet the best possible veterinary care experience.